Whether you choose to contact us via phone or internet, visit us on site to simply browse our display or gather initial information, or if you would like to sit down and discuss details, you will be under no pressure or obligation at any time. We are not here to sell you a catalogue design, but rather to help you build a personalized tribute.

You will have the opportunity to customize the colour, shape, artwork, and lettering for your monument.  

With computer design and attention to detail, we can craft a memorial that will be a lasting testament to your love one.

Cherished photographs can be preserved with exquisite detail, with our diamond bit impact etching process.  

We also offer an extensive library of sandblast images you can choose from, that would provide a meaningful and beautiful focal point for remembrance.  

We will work with you to create a unique and lasting tribute to your loved one.

Once you have confirmed the size and style of monument allowed by your cemetery, the process of creating a meaningful design typically includes four important elements: Shape & Finish, Granite Color, Personalization, and Inscription.


Traditional uprights with a curved top, heart shapes, benches, and flat markers are examples of shape/style choices. An additional element you may want to consider is finish.  For example, with an upright marker, you could choose either polished or rock cut sides.


This is an important consideration, as granite colour will serve as the backdrop for your lettering and artwork. Our granite is available in a large variety of colours, such as Jet Black and India Red, and is quarried in a range of locations, from Canada and USA, to Norway, Africa, India, and other regions around the globe.


Personalizing your monument can come in the form of names and dates that will be included, and also by your choices of artwork, such as religious symbols, flowers, or anything meaningful to you and your loved one.  


An inscription added to your monument, may simply be one line that captures an important role your loved one brought forth in life, for example "LOVING FATHER".  An example of a more elaborate inscription, could be lyrics of a favourite song, or a Bible verse.